Parking Issues in Clemson to be Addressed

The Clemson City Council is considering a new approach to address the long-standing parking problem in downtown Clemson. Some people who work on College Avenue, for example, have highlighted the struggle to find parking. Currently, there are 310 public parking spaces downtown, all of which are free. However, as the university and resident population grow, the city council recognizes the need for more parking turnover.

They held a work session to discuss a downtown parking initiative, which includes charging for on-street parking. The proposed rate is $1 per hour for a maximum of two hours, with the first 30 minutes being free. The goal of this initiative is to support local businesses by encouraging more foot traffic. Additionally, the city plans to reinvest any revenue generated into public transit. The council will continue to finalize the details over the next few weeks, with the new system expected to be in place by next spring or summer at the earliest.