Photo ID now required to Vote

Next month, two municipalities in Oconee County hold elections and voters are being reminded about a change this time at the polls. Oconee County Voter Registration and Elections director Joy Brooks says now voters will have to show a photo ID at the polls before being allowed to vote.  “On the 5th of November, we will be having the city elections for Westminster and Walhalla; this will be the first time that voters will have to show a photo ID in order to vote.  A voter registration card by itself is no longer enough, you must present one of the five accepted, proper IDs.  That would be a South Carolina driver’s license or the SC DMV ID card for those that don’t drive, a Federal Military ID is accepted, a U.S. Passport or the Passport card, your SC Voter Registration card with a photo, that is available to those that cannot in any other way obtain a photo ID.” Absentee voting is already underway in the municipal elections, adds Brooks. “Absentee is open now to walk in and vote for both of those municipal elections and you can also do that through the mail if you want to call our office we will provide what you need to vote by absentee.” That number for the Oconee County Voter Registration and Elections Office is 864-638-4196.  Voters in the cities of Westminster and Walhalla will elect city council members on November 5th.