Rains force Spillway release

Over a foot of rain in one week has forced officials with Georgia Power to open up spillways in the Tallulah and Tugaloo River area to release water, explains Oconee County Emergency Services Deputy Chief of Emergency Management and Special Operations Scott Krein. “Georgia Power notified us last night that they would be opening some of their spillways in the Tallulah and Tugaloo River area to take some of the pressure off from the water. That water is going to be moving down into Lake Hartwell. We may see a little flooding in the River Road area and the Cooper Road area, but we are monitoring the situation.” With all the recent rain, the ground is saturated and people need to be careful, continues Chief Krein. “The biggest thing is that today we should have a little less rain than we have had in the past but the ground is still saturated and trees can easily come down. We just need to be cautious and as always we turn around and we don’t drown. If you can’t see the road because of water on it or whatever, we don’t drive through it. It is just not a good habit, especially when we have had so much water.” The National Weather Service has issued a flash flood warning for Tallulah Falls Dam and the surrounding area in Georgia. That warning for Georgia also includes a request for homeowners on Lake Rabun to evacuate.