RBC Aerostructures presented Elite Supplier of the Year Award

Tuesday morning, June 5, Lockheed Martin presented RBC Aerostructures of Westminster with the 2017 Elite Supplier of the Year Award. Mark Miller, Airframe Procurement Director of Lockheed Martin, traveled from Fort Worth, Texas to make the presentation. “It is pretty incredible when you think out of 1,400 suppliers there were 23 that were near perfection, so that is saying 100% delivery and 100% quality on all the products that Lockheed puts through this facility. So, really quit the accomplishment, without a doubt.” RBC Aerostructures Director of Operations Stan Griffis accepted the award of behalf of the 78 employees at the Oconee County manufacturing plant. “We are very proud of it, obviously being a part of the elite list is an accomplishment that doesn’t happen very often. We’ve had 100% on time delivery and quality for the last 12 consecutive months and that is what this award is all about. It was a great honor to get it and we thank all of employees and everybody that made it happen.” Oconee County Councilman Paul Cain was on hand for the ceremony and said this is a tremendous accomplishment for the Oconee County Commerce Park plant. “The workforce should be commended for this. Our people are the backbone and lifeline of any business. The quality that RBC is producing and all of our other manufactures are producing speaks to the quality of the workforce and the people that we have in this county.” Echoing that sentiment was Oconee County Councilman Julian Davis. “I learned a lot about the employees here and behind any great company is great employees. They harped on that here today and that is fantastic talk about our workforce in Oconee County as we continue to grow that workforce and everything. RBC is just a wonderful part of this county and another great thing is their expansion that they are talking about and this will be the second expansion that they have done here. So, we look forward to many more of that and just the great work that they are doing here in Oconee County.” RBC Aerostructures recently announced expansion plans for the plant in Westminster that will include doubling its current workforce.