Red Cross thanks St. Marks Church for Shelter

The Oconee County Emergency Services’ warming shelter at Saint Marks United Methodist Church in Seneca was closed last night around 7pm, explains Kathy Rogers, executive director of the Oconee County Chapter of the American Red Cross.  “We did open a shelter night before last.  We closed it last night at 7pm.  We are always on stand by working hand in hand with the county.  We are ready to open another shelter if the need be.” The warming shelter was opened primarily due to the large power outage in the Keowee Key area of the county, adds Rogers.  “Primarily the shelter that we opened the nigh before last was due to the power outage around the Keowee Key area and there was 2,500 without power.  When we closed the shelter last night at 7pm, there was maybe a couple of dozen remaining without power but they were OK.  They had resources and places to go, so they didn’t need us and we just went ahead and closed, but we are on standby and working hand and hand with the county to do whatever we need to do.” The Red Cross provided those at the shelter with a hot meal and a place to get warm.  Rogers thanks Saint Marks United Methodist Church for providing space for the shelter.  “Saint Marks United Methodist Church in Seneca, they are a true partner in every sense of the word.  They have agreed to host shelters for many years now and we are very grateful to them.” Emergency officials remind the public to limit your time outside in the cold and bundle up if you do have to go outside in the frigid temperatures because with the wind chill factor, you can experience frostbite within thirty minutes.