Ride for Wellness raises Donations for Free Clinics

Thanks to the generosity of the local cycling community, two free clinics are receiving donations, tells Excel Rehab and Sports Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer Tim Moore. “This year we raised just shy of $1,000 that will be distributed between the Clemson Free Clinic and the Rosa Clark Medical Clinic in Seneca. Being able to put this ride on put us in a position to help the free clinic in Clemson and in Seneca. We get to do something we love to do, which is cycle, and with that large cycling community it provides us that opportunity to promote what the free clinics do.” The annual Ride for Wellness took place on Saturday, Sept. 30. All the money raised for the free clinics were donations, continues Moore. “For four years we have done this event at no charge. A lot of cycling events have charges when you register. We have always wanted to make this a free event and in lieu of registration fees we have asked for donations and for the last fours years, we have gotten those. These participants that come to do this ride, they know what our mission is, they know our commitment to the community and they want to be a part of that. It is really, really exciting to see that out of the, I think, 65 plus riders that we had most all of them made donations.” Moore is grateful to Chick-fil-A of Seneca for partnering to host the event. “This is our fourth annual with our partner Chick-fil-A and we couldn’t be more pleased and more honored to have been able to partner with them for the last four years on this ride to promote wellness, healthy lifestyles, good eating habits, and good exercising habits.” To see pictures and learn more about the Ride for Wellness, visit the Facebook page of Excel Rehab and Sports and click on events.