Safety Agencies partner during Gratifly Event

Area law enforcement agencies recently partnered to provide safety and security for the four-day Gratifly event in South Union.  Oconee County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Jimmy Watt gives details.  “Due to the large numbers of people expected at the Gratifly event over the weekend in Oconee County, the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office partnered with other law enforcement and emergency and safety agencies through mutual aid agreements to promote safety for citizens of Oconee County and those who would be visiting our county from other areas.  The Sheriff’s Office received mutual aid from the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office and the Salem, Seneca, Westminster, and West Union Police Departments, as well as the South Carolina Highway Patrol for the four days of the event, which began last Thursday and concluded this past Sunday.  A command post was set up at the South Union Fire Department.  Safety personnel from Oconee County Emergency Services and South Union Fire and Rescue, as well as paramedics from the Oconee Medical Center also participated.  In addition, Marine One and Ranger One, the water and helicopter units of the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office, participated in the efforts as well. According to statistics released from the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office, there were 137 total vehicle stops, with 193 total tickets and warnings issued, with 160 traffic violations reported.  Road checks were posted during the event itself.  Deputies also received some noise complaints, especially on Sunday evening.  The Sheriff’s Office did receive thanks from the organizers of the event for the security and safety that was provided by law enforcement and other officials during the four days of Gratifly.” One arrest was made at the event, explains Watt.  “33-year-old Michael Lewis Gibrick of 1884 Trevino Terrace in Vernon Hills, IL was charged with breach of peace.  According to reports, deputies responded to a disturbance at the Gratifly festival early Saturday morning.  Deputies made contact with the head of security at the event, who stated that Gibrick had entered the property without obtaining a ticket.  The subject was advised then that he could work at the event for the price of a ticket.  Later on when Gibrick did not report for work at the event, he was asked to leave, as which time the head of security stated that Gibrick used profanity and continued to use profanity with deputies.  After being asked several times to stop using profanity, the subject refused and then was placed into custody.” He was transported to the Oconee County Detention Center in Walhalla and booked on the breach of peace charge around 7:25am Saturday morning.