SC Foothills Heritage Fair rated a Success

Saturday was the last day to see what an old fashioned country fair should be at the South Carolina Foothills Heritage Fair. This year’s fair on Highway 123 between Seneca and Westminster, across from Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative, was rated a success by Melinda Harbin, Secretary of the Fair Board. “Well the fair, we belove was a huge success. We’re still analyzing numbers and results but everybody that attended was telling us that they had a great time. All the events went over well and were well attended. The Kids Play Area was a fun time for everybody playing with the chickens, digging up potatoes, and milking the cow; I think just about everybody visited that. All of the animal exhibits were very well attended; the rabbits, I’ve never seen so many rabbits in one place, the Rabbit Show was great. Poultry Show, Horse Show, and Cow Show were great too. I think everybody that attended had a great time.” Blue Ribbon winners at the South Carolina Foothills Heritage Fair will be posted on Facebook, adds Harbin, who encourages fair attendees to share their pictures. “We’ll be posting the results and stuff on Facebook. There are quit a few pictures on Facebook and if you have any pictures that you took of the fair you want to share with us, you can add those to our Facebook page, we have a post and we will save those pictures and might even use some of them in next year’s advertising. So, we would love to see your pictures.” That Facebook page can be found under Carolina Foothills Heritage Fair.