SCDOT is actively preparing for winter weather conditions forecast for this weekend.

  • Forecasts may change. However, SCDOT has initiated its winter storm operations plan to counter a “worst-case scenario” of winter weather conditions.
  • SCDOT’s current plans include anti-icing pretreatments on priority roads and bridges beginning as early as Thursday, January 13, 2022, in areas of the state with the highest probability for winter weather.
  • These priority routes consist of all interstates and routes that are essential to the movement of traffic, many of which service emergency facilities.
  •  SCDOT workers in high probability areas will shift to 24 hour operations throughout the duration of the storm.
  • Additional SCDOT personnel and equipment will be shifted from non-impacted areas to impacted areas to assist with ice and snow removal operations.
  • During the event, crews will continue to apply de-icing materials as conditions warrant, along with plowing operations.
  • SCDOT already has 60,000 tons of salt, over 525,000 gallons of salt brine as well as approximately 275,000 gallons of ice breaking chemicals on hand.
  • Winter storm operations will continue in impacted counties until roads are clear.
  • SCDOT has crews ready and will be out working to clear our roads during a winter storm event, but driving during and after rain, ice, or snow can still be very dangerous.
  • Motorists are urged to avoid travel during winter weather events. Snow and ice can be hazardous. If you must travel, please use extreme caution, reduce speeds and stay clear of road crews performing clearing and de-icing operations.
  • Approach bridges and overpasses with extreme caution as they will accumulate ice first.
  • Please be aware of black ice that can form on roads and bridges at night from melting snow.
  • Secretary of Transportation Christy A. Hall urges all motorists to avoid driving if possible. “The safest solution is for drivers to stay off the roads if at all possible. If you must drive, slow down and watch for crews performing de-icing and plowing operations,” said Hall. Hall added that salt spreaders and snow plows move at slow speeds to completely cover the roadways.

For additional winter storm resources and road conditions, please visit the South Carolina Department Transportation website: