Scott celebrating Black History Month

U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) released this statement on Thursday, Feb. 1, in celebration of Black History Month. “Since we were first brought to these shores, African-Americans have played a vital role in the history of our nation. There have been incredibly hard times, and there have been giant steps forward. Black History Month is no longer simply about where we have been, but also to remind ourselves of where we can go in the future. We stand on the shoulders of giants, not just Dr. King or Rosa Parks, but the Friendship Nine, Jo Ann Robinson, and Mary Moultrie as well. In the darkest of times, they taught us all what it truly means to be an American. As we celebrate Black History Month this year, I look to those heroes of yesterday to provide us a roadmap for tomorrow. We must continue towards progress, a better understanding of our neighbors, and the future of which we have all dreamed.”