SDOC Board of Trustees approves bonus for all employees

At it’s regularly scheduled board meeting held Monday evening, the School District of Oconee County voted to award all employees a bonus in consideration of their hard work and dedication throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 

A motion to approve a one-time bonus of $300 for full-time employees and a pro-rated bonus for all part-time employees was made by Dr. Sloan, seconded by Dr. Ketterman, and approved unanimously by the board.  

Chairperson, Mrs. Denise McCormick said, “Our employees have done a tremendous job in a year that cost them a raise and even a step increase.  This is a simple way for us to honor all they have done this year.”

Dr. Sandra Sloan, Clerk of the board, said, “The Board sincerely appreciates all the effort from the entire staff during this season of uncertainty.  We regret that pay increases have not been implemented to date and ask our employees to accept this bonus as a small token of our great appreciation.”

Employees should receive the bonus in December. Part time employees will receive a bonus based on their contract status.  For example, a .5 FTE employee will receive $150; a .75 FTE employee will receive $225.  Employees new to the school district will also receive a prorated bonus based on their starting date.