Search Update on OC Chamber Director

The Oconee County Chamber of Commerce is currently in the process of finding a new director after Sandra Jones resigned following two years of service.  The Chamber is currently accepting resumes for the position, explains Chamber Board member Gene Blair. “We have solicited resumes as we are still soliciting them and they can be delivered to the Chamber on Ram Cat Alley in downtown Seneca.  We have garnered about 12 or so resumes right now that we are currently reviewing.” Blair gives the qualifications that the Chamber Board is searching for in a new director. “What we are looking for is obviously someone highly dynamic who has extreme people skills, a very good grasp of the business environment, a marketer, someone that can sell memberships and sponsorships and all those things that keep us going from day to day.” The Oconee County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors is comprised of business leaders from across the county who are committed to strengthening the local business climate and delivering value to members.  Blair describes how the interview process will be conducted. “Once we have looked at and narrowed down the field of candidates from the resumes, a group of us will do interviews and determine what their skills and abilities are and from that we will eventually make a selection.” The Oconee County Chamber of Commerce helps promote a healthy business community through advocacy, events and services it provides to its members and the public.