Senator Graham Urges Trump Administration To Come To Congress In Regards To Threats From Iran

(Seneca, SC)———————On Wednesday, U.S. Senator and Seneca native Lindsey Graham held a press conference on Capitol Hill to introduce legislation called the Secure and Protect Act of 2019 in regards to the issues of border security and immigration. 

During his press conference, Senator Graham was asked about the continuing tensions between the United States and Iran. The Senator made it clear that further clarification from the Trump Administration to Congress is imperative going forward. 

Senator Graham said that the removal of personnel from embassies and consulates is a serious move by the State Department and he urges the State Department and the Department of Defense to explain to Congress exactly what is going on. 

Senator Graham went on to say that he did not know what the threat stream was beyond what he has read in the papers. And while Senator Graham says that there are a lot of people “in his shoes that are going to support standing up to Iran,” he still urges the Administration to come to Congress to brief members about the threat as they see it coming from Iran.