Send a Valentine to a Pet

Send a Valentine to a pet this year at the Oconee Humane Society (OHS). Angel Newman, Volunteer Coordinator at the OHS tells how. “We are selling Valentines for the pets at the shelter, so if you want to stop by, it is a $5 donation to send a Valentine and send some love to the pets. We are posting them on our Wall of Hearts at the shelter. We’re starting to get some of those as we started a little early. Every time you buy a Valentine you get registered to win a really nice dog or cat gift basket. We have those on display there, so it is just kind of a fun thing. So, come in and check that out and send some love to the pets.” A minimum $5 donation gets your message on the Wall of Hearts. You can purchase your heart at the shelter, which is located at 1925 Sandifer Boulevard in Seneca.