Seneca City Administrator announces Retirement Date

Seneca City Administrator Greg Dietterick will retire on June 30, 2018. He made the announcement during Tuesday night’s Seneca City Council meeting, tells Mayor Dan Alexander. “I know that was a hard decision for Greg because he loves Seneca and he loves doing what he does. I know he is excited about retirement and being able to spend some time with his family, kids and grand kids, so I’m excited for him. Greg has been here about 20 years, he came from Georgetown, and has done a lot for Seneca. Over the last several months, Greg and myself have talked about this but it was real important we wanted to make sure that we knew Mike Smith was retiring too, so we wanted to get a new city attorney on board and also wanted to get the finance officer on board too before that decision was released. I’m proud for him, I just can’t really say enough about all the things that Greg has done for this community. He’s one of those types that he can get it done. If you look at the Water Plant or some of the downtown projects that we have done, the public transit and being able to get that. Like Greg said it’s that team approach, there’s not an I in team, so between the city council, the department heads, and Mr. Dietterick we have been a great team. That is very fortunate to have. I’ve shared many times that we are very fortunate in Seneca to have a government that can disagree but agree, to be able to respect one another because we don’t agree on everything. I do appreciate his many years of service here in Seneca. Greg was actually hired as the Utility Director from Georgetown and then about a year after that we went to council and proposed the idea of an administrator and at the time Greg didn’t know it was going to be him but it happened pretty quick, so that is pretty neat but he has done a great job for Seneca and we do appreciate all his hard work.” Mayor Alexander says that the search for a new city administrator is underway and in the meantime, Dietterick will remain on the job to assist in the transition to his replacement.