Seneca close to finalizing New Deal with Pioneer

The City of Seneca is close to finalizing a new deal with the Pioneer Rural Water District. Seneca Utilities Director Bob Faires gave an update on negotiations to the Seneca City Council at their meeting this week. “Well, it is all in Pioneer’s hands now. We worked together to try get something that we hope is a win win but everything needs to be voted on and approved by our respective boards. So, Pioneer is going to be taking that up to look at it. We think it is very fair. So, our council will be taking it up once they are good with it.” Faires says this will be a tiered payment system with the Pioneer Rural Water District. “We went with a little bit different type of structure and that is what they will be looking at, it was something that they had requested. So, we kind of worked it out to try to see how it goes, it’s more of a tiered system. Most of our accounts, I would say all of them, have just a straight cost per thousand gallons, so this is more of a tiered rate structure. We think it is going to work, it makes sense.” The Pioneer Rural Water District pays the City of Seneca for 60% of its wholesale water supply.