Seneca Firefighters wearing Pink this month

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Seneca Fire Department is wearing pink shirts in October.  Seneca Firefighter Chris Cartee gives details.  “Ladies, ladies, ladies get ready; we’ve got the pink on this month. We just want to stress how much we care and we want to get that out there to all the females who have been through this and ones that might have to go through this, we just want you to know that we are there for you.” The Seneca Fire Department will be selling their pink shirts at the Seneca High School varsity football game on October 18th, so people in the community can show their support for Breast Cancer Awareness, explains Seneca Firefighter Melodie Lament.  “They are the same shirt we have on, except they have an added logo on them.  It says Breast Cancer Awareness on it and it will be dated.  Where we have the cross on the front it is going to say Breast Cancer Awareness around it and on the back underneath our logo it also has Breast Cancer Awareness.” The pink shirts are $15 and all proceeds will go to support research for a cure, adds Lament.  “All the proceeds for this are going to Breast Cancer Awareness; it is not coming back to the City, so all the proceeds will be going to them.” Show your support for the fight against breast cancer by purchasing a Seneca Fire Department pink shirt at the Seneca High School varsity football game on October 18th.