Seneca receives Transit IT Grant

The City of Seneca has received a Transit IT Grant worth $12,476. The best part about this grant, says Seneca City Administrator Scott Moulder, is that the grant comes with no local matching funds required. “A Transit IT Grant agreement. So, the state basically came in and did an information technology assessment of our offices and program and identified a number of IT equipment replacement needs that we had. The good news is they’re actually submitting us a grant to make those replacements so there is no local match required. The funding is coming through a grant program to replace five desktops, one laptop, a monitor, no tablets this time and then some software upgrades to the office, 2016 programs. So, this is just an ordinance that would allow us to sign the grant agreement and to accept the grant in the amount of $12,476 to replace IT equipment that the state has assessed needs to be replaced.” The Seneca City Council unanimously approved the ordinance accepting the grant from the state.