SHS offering All Sports Passes this year

The Seneca Bobcats kick off the high school varsity football season Friday night against the Berea Bulldogs. Don’t miss any of the exciting action by purchasing your season tickets today, says Seneca High School (SHS) Guidance Director and Assistant Athletic Director Karen Trammell. “We would love to sell season football tickets. We have sold a large number already; those, if you are familiar with our stadium are the seats right in the middle, vertically and horizonally, right on the 50. They’re blue seats, they have the the seatbacks on them. You would get a reserved seat that would be your seat every game, just like at Clemson, and those are $50.” Trammell tells about purchasing parking passes. “We offer two parking options here. We have area parking, which is our gold parking, which is $40 and that’s teh ability to park in the bus parking lot, which is pretty near Bobcat Stadium. Then we have our platnium parking, which is $100 that’s a reserved space, which is right beside the stadium down on the end near the scoreboard. We do have some of both of those left.” You can also purchase an All Sports Pass to see the Bobcats play every sport this school year, adds Trammell. “A very important thing that we do to try to help our parents and students with the cost of attending the many events that we have is that we offer an All Sports Pass. That would get the student, the adult, or whoever buys that into every home athletic event that we have this year, except for South Carolina High School League Playoff Games, which we’re not allowed to do that. Those All Sports Passes are $85 for students and $110 for adults.” To purchase your SHS tickets and passes, call Karen Trammell at 864-886-4461.