Smoking at Seneca Events Discussed by City Council

City officials in Seneca are currently deliberating over the regulation of smoking at city-sponsored events, particularly in response to complaints about smoking at Jazz on the Alley gatherings. While no definitive decision has been reached, council members have agreed to gather community feedback over the next few weeks before making a final determination. City administrator Scott Moulder initiated the discussion, highlighting concerns about balancing individual rights and public health considerations.

Suggestions from council members included creating designated smoking areas or implementing signage to delineate non-smoking zones while allowing attendees to enjoy the festivities. Councilwoman Lekesha Benson emphasized the importance of community input in making decisions that reflect broader sentiments. Councilman WC Honeycutt Jr. suggested that public announcements and encouraging consideration for others might help to self-regulate smoking behaviors at these events.

The council aims to reach a middle ground that accommodates both smokers and non-smokers during public gatherings such as Jazz on the Alley.