Spend Halloween on the Green in Seneca

Eleven years ago, a conversation started a Halloween tradition in downtown Seneca, explains Mayor Pro-tem Ronnie O’Kelley. “Mayor Dan Alexander and I were talking and said what if we went up on Depot Street and got a few merchants to give out candy on Halloween. We probably had 6-7 merchants and maybe 100 kids came that first night. They dressed up and we had hayrides and things like that. Every year it has evolved into what it is now to giving away 3,000 hot dogs and thousands of kids coming through filling their bags with candy.” Mayor Pro-tem O’Kelley invites everyone to Norton-Thompson Park for this year’s Halloween on the Green. “It is awesome that it has turned into what it is, it keeps a lot of the children off the street from going door-to-door and it keeps them right in town and it lets the City be involved with everything that is happening.” This Saturday’s Halloween on the Green runs from 5-8pm, continues Mayor Pro-tem O’Kelley. “It is just a fun night and I encourage parents if you don’t go door-to-door, to come up, get in line and the businesses give out enough candy to where your child will leave with more than you probably want them too.” This year’s Halloween on the Green includes pumpkin painting for the kids, free hot dogs and candy.