Sunday Alcohol Sales flowing smoothly in Seneca

Several businesses in the City of Seneca have taken advantage of the new ordinance allowing Sunday Alcohol Sales inside the city limits and so far, things have gone smoothly, explains Seneca Mayor Dan Alexander. “So far it has gone well; I have not had any complaints.  For the businesses that have already gotten it, they have shared with us that it has really helped their business too.  What I would recommend if there is any business that has not taken advantage of it they just need to check with the Department of Revenue and SLED to see how to go about that, there is a procedure they have to go through and some permits they have to acquire.” Some businesses have even entertained the idea of locating inside the city limits to capitalize on Sunday Alcohol Sales, adds Mayor Alexander. “Just in the last few weeks, I have had several restaurants outside the city that have called and asked how they could get inside the city.  It puts us in a little bit different seat with them asking us to come instead of us trying to get them to come here.  As the future unfolds there will be restaurants that come to this area and that will be a deciding factor for them, no doubt.” This is simply a new option for businesses, concludes Mayor Alexander. “I know some of the grocery stores have gone and got their permit and have it available now.  Some of the convince stores have too, but not everybody has yet.  Some may not and that is fine, but it does give people a choice if they would like to have it, they can.”  The City is now offering information about obtaining permits and following state procedures on its website at