Support Red Cross National Disaster Relief Fund

In recent weeks, tornadoes have cut a path of destruction across the United States.  The American Red Cross is on the scene assisting these devastated areas.  Kath Rogers, executive director of the Oconee County Chapter of the American Red Cross tells how you can assist in the recovery efforts.  “We’ve just had a string of tornadoes, not only did it hit in Oklahoma, but there were storms in Iowa, Kansas and Texas.  So, we just have a National Disaster Relief Fund because it is hard sometimes if you earmark it specifically for one disaster, we don’t know what the cost are going to be and of course we are going to stay there until when have done everything that we can possible do.  So it is better when you make a donation to make it to the National Disaster Relief Fund.”  The American Red Cross is also accepting $10 donations via text at 90999.