Survey released on Bad Hires

According to a CareerBuilder survey, 69% of employers reported that their companies have been adversely affected by a bad hire this year, with 41% of those businesses estimating the cost to be over $25,000. The survey also revealed that 24% of employers said a bad hire cost them more than $50,000. CareerBuilder senior career advisor Michael Erwin discusses the effects of a bad hire.  “The most common effects are less productivity, followed by lost time to recruit and train another person, followed by finally these costs; the cost to find a new person and train a new person is substantial.” Erwin explains why companies make bad hires.  “They are trying to fill these positions as quickly as possible, they want to get those productivity levels up, unfortunately they don’t have the sufficient talents and intelligence that they need to make a quality hire and finally the techniques they are using may not be the best route for them.” Erwin looks at the characteristics of a bad hire.  “Employers report there are several behavioral issues that they have found.  The number one is the employee did not produce the quality of work that maybe they had lead to when they were interviewing, followed by the employee just didn’t work well with the other employees and finally the employee just had a negative attitude.” The survey concludes that companies are feeling the pressure to fill the open positions that they have and unfortunately in an economy like the United States, there is a lot of competition with many people looking for jobs and it is not a perfect science.