Think twice about giving Pets as Christmas Gifts

As you consider what gifts to buy friends and family this year for the holidays, think twice about giving pets as gifts. Animal shelters across the country are often overrun after the holidays with people returning unwanted pets they received as Christmas gifts. Oconee County Humane Society Volunteer Coordinator Angel Newman says pet ownership is a big responsibility. “Normally we encourage adoptions; “Opt to Adopt” is our motto and we want people to come in and bring pets into their homes, but Christmas is one of the times and other major holidays, but especially Christmas, that we caution people giving pets as Christmas gifts because so much is happening number one with all the holiday activities, the decorations are up, there’s lots of food and things for animals to get into, but bigger than that it is not just a gift that you can get tired of playing with after a few days past Christmas; its a lifetime commitment. So, it is an important decision for families to bring a pet into their home.” Newman recommends giving a gift certificate and then after the holidays going to the Oconee County Animal Shelter on Highway 123 between Seneca and Westminster to pick out a pet.