Tips on keeping Computers Safe

In the digital age, protecting your computer means protecting your identity.  Hackers prey on unsuspecting individuals through discrete deceptions, says Garreth Jones, owner of Corner Technologies in Seneca. “Thank about what information you are giving to other people online.  The big thing is if you are on Facebook or other social media sites, be careful about the clues you give people about where you are located, especially if they are people you don’t know and you don’t necessarily want them to show up at your house. Giving out information is sometimes more subtitle than just simply saying where you live; it can be hints like whom your high school mascot is or where you go to school or what street you are near or if you mention various local events.  They can figure things out.” Jones says hackers will even use the phone to gain information about computer passwords.  “You have to be careful about unsolicited calls or request for information.  Be especially cautious about emails that come into you that might say we want to verify your password, can you give us your password, and can you give it to us so we can check that it is the right one.  That’s the most obvious one.” Another way of protecting your computer and the valuable information stored on it is often overlooked, adds Jones. “You should concern yourself with protecting the power of the computer, when I say that I mean, we have a lot power issues in the area, especially in the summer with thunder and lightening. It is very basic; you can what is called a UPS, an uninterruptible power supply.  It is basically like a surge protector that has its own built in battery and it keeps the power running to the computer steady at all times regardless of what is happening with your house power.”  For more tips on protecting your computer or to have repairs done to your computer, call Garreth Jones at Corner Technologies, (864) 718-4000.