Update on New YMCA Facility in OC

The Foothills Area YMCA is hoping 2018 will be the year that a loan is approved in order to build a new facility in Oconee County. YMCA CEO Christle Ross gives an update on the project. “We are still working right now with the USDA, we feel like that is our best option for financing and the plan s that we are looking at right now is taking the full amount of the loan for the facility and kind of dividing it into two USDA loans, which is what I am working on right now. The application process is still moving, it’s a lot of paperwork and things changing in the application to actually make it where we qualify. We are hoping that we will wrap things up soon and that we will have this whole loan process approved and we will be able to move forward with a facility at that point. We do have a company here that is helping us with fundraising; they have started some work in a silent phase and that is beginning to go well. We will be releasing more information once we get through the silent phase of the campaign. Things are really moving and working well. We are pleased, it has taken a little longer than we had hoped for but we are pleased with the progress that we have right now.” The plan is to build a new Foothills YMCA facility with a recreation and aquatic center on the campus of Oconee Memorial Hospital.