Volunteers needed for Milestone Birthday Celebration

In 2018, Oconee County turns 150-years-old and celebrations are planned throughout the year to mark this milestone birthday. Oconee County Parks, Recreation and Tourism Director Phil Shirley says a lot of people are needed to help with all the celebrations that are being planned. “We would love to have volunteers and we would love to have ideas. We actually sent out a couple of press releases back in the early fall letting people know that we were starting to plan and we got a little bit of feedback. If you have some time, we are going to have a presence at all the existing festivals. We did not want to create a new festival because we have so many great festivals already. But we are going to have a booth at all our existing festivals throughout the year and that particular booth will highlight the 150 things to do in Oconee County. So, we are certainly in need of volunteers to man those spaces. We’ll have a tent set up and a booth space available. But if you have ideas, if you have lived somewhere else that has done a sesquicentennial, we certainly would be open to ideas. Things that we can do, that we can afford, things that would get people involved and get the family out enjoying Oconee County, which is really our goal for next year.” If you would like to volunteer at one of the celebrations being planned in Oconee County to mark the 150th birthday, go by the Oconee County Parks, Recreation and Tourism Office at South Cove County Park, which is located at 1031 South Cove Road in Seneca.