Voter Turnout for SC’s GOP Presidential Nomination Close to 800k

The South Carolina Republican presidential primary this year witnessed an impressive turnout, with nearly a quarter of the state’s electorate casting their votes. The total number of ballots cast was 756,922, marking a slight increase from the 2016 GOP primary. Most counties reported a turnout above 10%, with three counties even exceeding 30%. Greenville County led the pack with just under 95,000 ballots, followed by Horry, Charleston, Spartanburg, and Lexington counties.

Additional notable turnouts were seen in Oconee County with 16,992 ballots, Pickens County with 23,125, and Anderson County with 34,582. Donald Trump emerged victorious in the primary, with the Associated Press calling the race shortly after polls closed. Despite losing in her home state, former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley did not concede. Trump now leads the nationwide race for the Republican party nomination with 107 delegates, while Haley has secured 17.

The turnout for this primary starkly contrasted with the state’s Democratic primary earlier this month, which saw less than 5% turnout. The results from the GOP primary are expected to be certified later this week. The focus now shifts to the upcoming Michigan primary and the Super Tuesday primaries the following week.