Weather impacting SDOC Calendar

Today is the fourth day of school missed this year in the School District of Oconee County (SDOC). Only three inclement weather make up days are built into the school calendar, so today’s snow will have an impact, says Oconee County Schools Superintendent Dr. Michael Thorsland. “The South Carolina Legislature requires that school districts have three inclement weather make up days built into their calendar and we’ve already used all three of those because we have had three days of inclement weather prior to today. So, today is the fourth day that we’ve been out of school this year, weather related. In South Carolina, the local school boards have the authority to forgive days four, five and six if they happen. So, at the February board meetings will be talking to our school board about what they want to do as far forgiving the day or making it up.” To read the complete calendar for the SDOC, visit