West-Oak High School wins State AAA Wrestling Championship

On Saturday, the West-Oak High School Wrestling Team defeated Battery Creek 34-24 for the AAA State Championship. West-Oak High School Principal Kurt Kreuzberger is very proud of Coach Greg Brewer, his staff and the student-athletes for their victory, which claimed the fourth state wrestling championship in the school’s history. “I was very, very proud of our wrestlers, all season, and of Coach Brewer and his entire coaching staff; they have worked really hard. This is the third state championship in six years and so that is quit an accomplishment. I think the last state championship won by West-Oak was back in 1994, I believe it was. West-Oak has always had a very strong wrestling program, great coaches, great kids, supper fan support, and a lot of parental support. It all came together again this year. They had wrestled Battery Creek earlier in the year and it was a very good match but Battery Creek came out on top and so our coaches looked at many different scenarios to figure a game plan and prepared the kids. They went down there and every single match was hard fought. I really want to give it to the kids from Battery Creek as well, they were well prepared, well coached, and just super wrestlers, which made for just a very exciting match. It was back and fourth and in the end our kids prevailed. It was through a lot of hard working, training, effort, heart, belief, and support of each other that they were able to pull it off. It was a great celebration, really just a super day, and a lot of fun.” Principal Kreuzberger thanked Athletic Director Tim Sheriff for taking a bus load of students to the match on Saturday afternoon at Dreher High School. “We had a great crowd of students that were down there, several adults came as well. Many other people commented that the state created an opportunity for people to be able to watch it live by logging into a website and so I have had a lot of people that have commented to me that they watched it on their computer live. But we had a very large student body turn out, that was really neat, they were full of spirit, hollering and screaming and really celebrating with our wrestlers.” Congratulations again to the West-Oak Wrestling Team for winning the AAA State Wrestling Championship and best of luck to the wrestlers in the Upper State Individual Tournament, Feb. 17-18.